[Watch] Judge Napolitano – EPA Wage Garnishment and Attachments Blatantly Unconstitutional


Judge Andrew Napolitano says that the latest attempted power grab by the EPA is illegal and blatantly in violation of the Constitution. They are trying to add to their own authority on their own. He says not only did Congress never authorize it, they couldn’t have authorized it. It is against the law of the land, the United States Constitution.

Judge Napolitano says the distinct difference between the EPA driving by and sending you a bill based upon their observations and the IRS garnishing your wages is that the tax return is an admission of the debt. There is no such documentation in lieu of a hearing with the EPA.

He adds that that Congress could stop it with a simple majority vote in both houses and reminds us that the unelected bureaucrats responsible for this lawless behavior are once again, Obama appointees who are abusing their authority, the Constitution and the American people.


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