[Watch] Judge Jeanine Pirro – The Border Crisis is Providing the Perfect Cover For ISIS, Terrorists


The open door at the southern border is providing a wealth of opportunities for the Obama regime, including access to the United States for terrorist organization members with minimal risk of being intercepted.

Frank Gafney, the president of The Center for Security Policy, is Judge Jeanine Pirro’s guest, and they address the issue of how the border crisis plays into the hands of terrorists.

Gafney says that freedom is under attack and that we are engaged in a war for the free world. He says that in his opinion, terrorists certainly are exploiting our porous borders, that they are already in the United States and that more are likely on the way.

He says, “There is a threat to the public safety of the American people as well as the national security, and I’m really appalled that the Obama administration is actually exacerbating this problem rather than protecting us against them.”

Judge Jeanine asks Mr. Gafney why Obama is doing this to us. He replies that this is part of the administration’s plan. He says they have sought to bring more illegal aliens into this country for their future value as voters. That, combined with the pressure it creates upon every sector of American life, will provide a tool with which to manipulate Congress.

He says that, “Their purpose ultimately is a wrecking operation on the republic that we love and I think this is only one aspect of it but a particularly insidious one.”

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