[Watch] Judge Jeanine Pirro on Obama’s “Weak, Wimpy, Pathetic” Response to ISIS, Foley


Judge Pirro calls it the last straw, Obama’s response to the James Foley beheading is so weak, wimpy and pathetic that it is embarrassing.

Instead of speaking softly and carrying a big stick, she accurately characterizes the ever-golfing Obama as speaking softly and carrying a “Big Bertha.” She exposes Obama’s disingenuous commitment to relentless pursuit of the perpetrators of the beheading as lasting roughly eight minutes.

While British Prime Minister David Cameron immediately flew home from his vacation upon the release of the video, nothing comes in between Obama and his golf.

She contrasts his callously unconcerned fist bumps on a green with the reality of what the parents of James Foley have had to face and what he endured. She remarks on his weakness which prompted the release of above top secret details of operations to attempt to secure his release, and their associated risks and complications for our personnel abroad.

She questions the Obama regime on their stance on negotiating with terrorists, which, as is common with the regime, is a discretionary policy, subject to reinterpretation at any time.

Our military seems to understand the situation, they are surely advising him, but all of that can wait; at least until the end of his vacation.


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