[Watch] Judge Jeanine Pirro -Border Trojan Horse is America Under Attack From Within


Judge Jeanine Pirro accurately describes what she sees as a Trojan horse at the southern U.S. border. Only it’s not a single horse, it’s a stampede of horses, Hispanic horses and some Middle Eastern ones too. We don’t even know the composition of the herd, its overwhelming.

To the argument that they are all children she responds, sure we all love children, but these are largely children of age 14 plus, three fourths of them being male. Of those, many are of questionable character, with gang recruitment and activities being prevalent.

She points out that this invasion is being conducted, when possible, by the U.S. feds under the cover of darkness, in the hope of keeping public awareness and resistance to a minimum. Every aspect of this program is shrouded in secrecy. She also illustrates the hypocrisy the faux governments of both the United States and Mexico.

She shows video of former Mexican president Felipe Calderon speaking before Congress in support of the enforcement of a nation’s laws. That is a position which the new president of Mexico, as well as the imposter playing that role in America disagree with, particularly when the enforcement of the laws would be in conflict with their agendas.

She talks of the increasing numbers under B. Hussein Obama, of the illegal invaders and the inevitability that they will remain, with us paying their expenses, for years.

She asks many questions that the Obama regime should be answering but they ignore, making clear in no uncertain terms that this lawless regime is working hard to destroy our country.

One of the good guys, Rep Louis Gohmert makes an appearance from the border and he adds his observations to those of Judge Pirro.

Rep Gohmert describes how the U.S. is luring children to our country through savage circumstances, with many being abused, and how this is being used to alter the demographics to perpetuate Obama’s party’s power. That is at a minimum what is being done, it is likely much bigger than that.

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