[Watch] Judge Jeanine Open – Gaza Conflict Continues, Kerry, Obama and U.S. Look Like Fools


In her Opening Statement, Judge Jeanine Pirro talks of how ridiculous B. Hussein Obama and his “sidekick” John Kerry made the U.S. look in their failed attempt to orchestrate a ceasefire with Hamas, which lasted only ninety minutes.

She said the failed agreement “reminded the world again that we either don’t know what we’re doing, don’t know who our friends are, or are actually switching sides.” The Palestinians caught in the crossfire will be the ones who pay, as the humanitarian aid will now not be coming their way.

Pirro notes another instance of Hamas using innocent children as human shields, once again in a United Nations school. A UN official ignores the fact that Hamas was launching their rockets from the school and instead chastises America for providing the Iron Dome defense system to Israel but not providing one to Gaza.

Someone should have told the UN “expert” that “Iron Dome” is a figurative term; there aren’t really “domes,” as she put it.

Pirro points out how the Obama regime is telling Israel they are being too effective in their warfare, that they aren’t suffering enough casualties and it’s making them look bad. Maybe they need some Obama Afghanistan-style restrictive rules of engagement to give the terrorists a fighting chance and get those IDF losses up to a more acceptable level.

She reminds us that the Hamas charter demands that every Jew be killed and that none of this is going to stop with Obama in the White House. He supports the Muslim Brotherhood and related terrorist organizations and that is who Hamas is.

Pirro says the naïve position from which our government is operating is their apparent belief that “if you just give a terrorist organization what it wants and try to understand their grievances, the conflict will be over.” She says, “Hamas is not a political party, they are not soldiers, they are terrorists.” Most Arab states agree.

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