[Watch] Judge Jeanine On Obama’s Amnesty Gambit

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3JRqI59PK4]

No mincing words there.  While it should be agreed that Obama’s amnesty move was, is and forever will be not simply illegal and unprecedented, but intended to specifically by-pass the way the government is set up in this country, there is one aspect of the story that Judge Jeanine came close to discussing, but did not quite cover.

In 1986, when Ronald Reagan presided over a legal blanket amnesty (Congress was involved), the net result was not a flood of new citizens or tax revenue, but a booming black market for fake IDs.  The people who were just legalized didn’t want to wait in line for their identification in order to get their goodies.

We all expect this executive order to be challenged in the courts, but that is not going to change the desire of people who don’t particularly care about legalities to begin with to stay in the country whether they are legal or not.  That will feed into any sort of underground network of identification theft.  The Judge is exactly right about voting IDs, but what is to stop illegal, previously undocumented squatters from acquiring multiple identities and using them to an advantage at tax payer expense.



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