[Watch] Judge Jeanine on Ebola Patient Being Brought to America, Worth the Risk to Americans?


Judge Jeanine Pirro interviews Dr. Bob Arnot, who has firsthand experience dealing with Ebola, about the wisdom of bringing the infected doctors to the United States. She questions the likelihood that something could go wrong, and the potential negative consequences to the health of Americans.

He says the facilities which will be conducting the transport and treatment are very good, “so the risk is very low, but it is not zero.” Arnot says there was no reason to bring him to the United States, that he could have been treated in Africa. The facilities there are excellent and actually more experienced in the treatment.

Arnot, who worked with Ebola infected patients in Africa himself, describes two of his fellow healthcare providers who each died within five days of coming into incidental contact with infected skin and fluids of patients.

Judge Pirro cites an Arnot quote in which he states that what takes Aids fifteen years can take three or four days if you have Ebola. He describes the similarities in that they both attack the same components of the immune system. Ebola, in effect, behaves as a high speed version of Aids.

He says that once someone develops active symptoms, such as bleeding from their eyes and skin, they are contagious and the infection can then be transmitted through body fluids.

Arnot describes another significant danger scenario, which already occurs in Africa. Someone may unknowingly become infected but not develop symptoms for a few weeks. He said in the mean time they could have traveled to an area of the United States where there is no suspicion of the disease and where the proper precautions are not in place.

Dr. Arnot says there was no medical reason to transport the infected Dr. Brantly to the United States for treatment. It would have been more appropriate and equally effective to treat him in Africa. The involvement of Rev Franklin Graham may have helped to facilitate the transfer, and could contribute to a greater potential risk to the general American population.

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