[Watch] Judge Jeanine on Citizens Vs Fed Government, The Illegal Alien Criminals Being Allowed In

Judge Jeanine starts off the segment with some statistics, that one in six illegals released into America is picked up on criminal charges within three years of their release date.

Her guest, former Border Patrol Deputy Chief Ronald Ronald Coburn, agrees. He says that one in ten of the adult male border crashers entering the U.S. already has a violent criminal record in the United States and has been previously removed.

He says another one in ten has a criminal past in their home countries of which we are unaware. They describe the cartels as laughing at the U.S. on social media, that some of the 15-year-olds are murders who come here to prey on society, not to contribute to it.

Coburn says that it is a false perception that we are required to let these individuals through, that it is a choice that has been made. A similar situation existed in 2005 and the illegal alien sympathetic Bush administration managed to put a stop to it.

He says that the Border Patrol can do their job of securing the border and those within the country can also effectively expedite the removal of the illegals. We simply need a federal government that is willing to do its job.

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