[Watch] Judge Jeanine, Krauthammer on Obama’s Failing Foreign Policy, Hillary Clinton


Judge Pirro asks Charles Krauthammer his opinion as to why Obama doesn’t have an identifiable foreign policy. She asks if it is incompetence, apathy or is he deliberately diminishing America’s importance on the world stage?

Krauthammer believes the answer starts with the latter, that he made that very clear from the apology tour, which Krauthammer has dubbed the “confession tour” in which he talked about “America’s sins, overreach in Iraq, torture, everything from the maltreatment of the Indians to Hiroshima.”

Krauthammer says that he gave the impression to the world that “America had overstepped, America had lost its moral authority if it ever had it, to lead the world and I think he sees America more properly as diminished in its role in the world.”

He continues, “Now you add on to that the fact that he’s really an amateur to foreign policy, he’s never done this, and I think he was aware of the fact that he was very unsure and as a result he chose the path of least resistance and of least action just about everywhere.”

He adds, “Our allies are looking around and saying, ‘Where is the United States that we could count on?’ and our enemies are saying, ‘Looks like America has checked out for eight years, now is the time to move.’”

Judge Pirro moves the conversation to the Hamas, Israeli conflict. Krauthammer describes the differences in sentiment in Europe and the U.S., noting that the demonstrations in European cities took on a vicious tone of anti-Semitism, with shouts of “death to the Jews,” “Jews to the gas chamber” and “Hitler was right.” He says in Europe anti-Semitism is once again in vogue.

In America, we have no history of anti-Semitism, and most of it is due to ignorance. The American public sees some heartbreaking pictures on television and they respond just as they are intended to respond. They have no context, so they assume the Israelis to be the aggressors.

They then take the conversion in the direction of Hillary Clinton, and some odd statements coming from the normally tightly-scripted Clinton. Judge Pirro asks for Krauthammer’s take on just what or who is the real Hillary.

He slightly shakes his head, saying there is a vast overestimation of her political skills. “She is nothing like her husband, who is probably the most skilled politician of the last forty years, since Ronald Reagan. There’s been no one like him.” He says she makes mistakes, she’s very unsure of herself.

Krauthammer quotes filmmaker Billy Wilder as saying, “’You’ve gotta be authentic, you have to be sincere in the movies. If you can fake that you’ve got everything.’ She can’t fake it. She can’t fake authenticity. Her husband, he bites his lip and he gets away with it.”

He continues saying, “I mean people know, they can see the wheels moving, turning in her head whenever she says ‘hello’ or ‘the sun rises in the east’ they immediately wonder ‘now what is she thinking?, why is she doing that?’”

He says she’s got a real problem because she is not an instinctive politician. “Democrats who think she is going to sweep into the White House are making a huge mistake.”

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