[Watch] Judge Jeanine, John Bolton – Obama Doesn’t Care About National Security


Judge Pirro leads off her interview with John Bolton with the information that British Intelligence has identified, although not yet named, the murderer of James Foley.

Bolton says that he believes that is likely part of the reason that Prime Minister Cameron returned early from his vacation, that there may also be some existing threats internally in Britain which this exposed or which may in other ways have required his prompt return.

Bolton goes on to say that that really underlines why ISIS is such a threat, that they have a presence in Western Europe and may also be present in the United States. Additionally, those within their ranks include many who hold U.S. and European passports.

Judge Jeanine asks Ambassador Bolton why he believes, as he has previously stated that Obama doesn’t understand the threat that ISIS poses. Bolton responds saying, “Well, I go beyond that really, although I don’t think he does, I don’t think the ‘president’ cares about American national security. I’ve been saying this for almost six years, I just don’t think it’s a priority for him.”

Bolton continues saying, “Unlike every other American president, at least since Franklin Roosevelt, it’s not what gets him up in the morning. His first thought is not what threats does the United States face today. He’s much more concerned with reordering our country domestically.”

Judge Pirro interjects that he’s not doing a good job of that either, to which Bolton replies, “Well that depends upon how you look at it. You know he said his aim was to fundamentally transform America. I’m worried that he may be succeeding.

Bolton cites Obama’s lack of concern as being partially based upon ideology and partially the dream world in which he lives. Bolton reminds us it’s only been 13 years since 9/11, but wonders if we’ve forgotten already.

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