[Watch] Judge Jeanine, John Bolton – Christians Under Attack as America Sympathizes With Muslims


Former U.S. United Nations Ambassador John Bolton is a guest on the “Justice” program with Judge Jeanine Pirro. They discuss the current situation around the world as it becomes more apparent that Christians and religious minorities are coming under attack. They point out that much of the aggression, particularly that of the most brutal nature, comes from radical Islamists.

Bolton says that current U.S. policy seems sympathetic to radical Islam and unwilling to oppose it. He says the signal that a policy such as that sends is very dangerous to Christians as well as smaller Islamic sects.

Judge Jeanine asks Ambassador Bolton if he believes, with his wealth of Middle East experience and knowledge that the ISIS and similarly minded radicals are intent to eliminate Christianity from the Middle East but are they capable of accomplishing that goal.

He says it is becoming increasingly more likely, but that it is not a certainty. He says there are many factions within the Arab world who would stand with us if they thought we were in for the long haul. The problem is that America’s commitment can’t be trusted.

They discuss the order to evacuate the Libyan embassy, with Bolton describing the result of Obama leading from behind as “entirely predictable.” He says the lesson to be learned is that when the United States withdraws and turns its back on its friends, allies and own interests, chaos results.

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