[Watch] Judge Jeanine – ISIS Is Not Bluffing – They Are Coming For Us, Inside America


Judge Jeanine Pirro asks rhetorically, why should average Americans care that the ISIS army is growing exponentially in Iraq? She quotes their leader, Abu al-Baghdadi’s comments “We will be in direct confrontation, and the sons of Islam have prepared for such a day. So watch, for we are with you, watching.”

She shows a video in which the Muslims say to Americans that their caliphate has been established, that they will not stop. They call us cowards hiding behind drones, and chide us to send our soldiers to fight them, the ones they claim to have “humiliated in Iraq.” The dirty sub-human in the video says that they will humiliate our soldiers everywhere, God willing, and they will raise the flag of Allah in the White House.

Judge Jeanine comments that when she hears things like that it scares the Hell out of her. She describes the connection between these threats and Hussein Obama. She cites his lack of experience and his disengagement as preventing him from protecting us. She can’t truly expect his protection. He’s not a leader; he’s a community organizer, and a corrupt one at that. There is a huge difference between the two. Besides, he’s not one of us, he’s one of them. He’s not an American despite the claims of his puppets in the media and his supporters in Congress.

She plays a video of Obama’s unbelievable comments in front of his helicopter, loaded up for his vacation to Martha’s Vineyard, in which he supposedly assures us that his team is watching the events in Iraq. He then, as some sort of botched attempt to comfort us, reminds us that these are the same people who were watching ISIS gather before they went into Mosul. They didn’t do anything to stop them then, missing a golden opportunity to decimate their convoy on the open road. Somehow we are supposed to feel better, knowing they are again watching things? He’s proven that watching is one thing; taking action is a whole other matter.

She says to Obama, “You watched them slaughter in Syria and Iraq, and now you go on vacation.”

Her guest, Brigitte Gabriel agrees that they are coming for us and exposes their recruitment efforts on social media.

Her other guest, Erick Stakelbeck agrees and say that those who are fighting with ISIS now, including one hundred who have American passports, are going to return and strike inside the United States. There are also American targets outside of America, as the Benghazi attacks demonstrated.

Gabriel agrees, saying first they will kill the Jews and the Christians in the Middle East and then they will come for America, we are the bull’s-eye. Stakelbeck describes the social media “Jihadi Cool” that troubled, mentally deranged Islamic youth see these ISIS leaders and somehow look up to them, and they end up joining.

We need to nip this ISIS thing in the bud, while we still can. The problem is that we have someone who is like-minded and may even be one of their collaborators in the White House. He’s facilitating their growth and preventing American intervention. ISIS is already in the White House, they just haven’t raised their flag yet. They are building their numbers through our Obama and DHS created open border invasion at this very moment.

The Judge is right, they are coming.

Rick Wells is a conservative author who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit www.rickwells.us