[Watch] Judge Jeanine – Indictment of Texas Gov Rick Perry is Pure, Unadulterated Hogwash


Judge Jeanine reminds us that she believes in the rule of law but she is not going to sugar-coat this one. She says, “The indictment of Texas Governor Rick Perry for abuse of his veto power and coercion of a public servant is pure, unadulterated hogwash.” She says it makes DA’s like her cringe in embarrassment.

Judge Pirro details her thirty-year history of involvement with grand juries and says, “Nothing about this indictment makes sense. A sitting governor facing 109 years in prison because he threatened to veto funding to a drunk district attorney’s public integrity unit.”

She adds, “No one disputes that the law give the governor the power to veto funding, period. End of the story.”

The Judge goes on to describe the back story and background of the District Attorney who is getting crossways with Governor Perry. It is much less than complimentary.

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