[Watch] Judge Jeanine, Gen McInerney – We Know What Happened MH17, Need To Let World Know Too


What may literally be a smoking gun, Jennifer Griffin reports with video of what is believed to be the actual SA11 missile launcher used to shoot down Malaysian Airlines flight 17. It was reportedly captured on video as it was being transported towards the Russian border. Two of its four missiles are missing.

She also reports that U.S. officials believe they have pinpointed the exact launch site, within Ukraine. They also believe they have identified a former Russian military intelligence colonel as the officer in charge of the launch. He is identified as the leader of the separatist movement.

Griffin says that a well-placed western intelligence source told her, “We are building a case and it’s pretty near bullet-proof.”

Judge Jeanine has as her guest Lt Gen Tom McInerney, who was one of the first investigators into the downing of KL 007 in 1983. He recommends the same methodology as we used then, which is the release of all of our intelligence. He says we know exactly what happened, or 99.99 percent, and we need to feed that to the world so that we can hold the Russians accountable.

He says we know it was a Russian missile and that the radar used was probably integrated with Russia.

McInerney says the world needs to hold the Russians ultimately responsible. He believes there was probably no intention to shoot down a civilian airliner, but the systems and personnel that made this happen came from Russia.

Judge Jeanine asks what happens next, forgetting more empty words from Obama, the Belgians lost close to 100 people. What do they do? She asks if it is safe to fly over Europe. McInerney doesn’t recommend it.

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