[Watch] Judge Jeanine – Egypt Building New Suez Canal, Moving Ahead With or Without U.S.


Judge Jeanine Pirro just got back from a trip to Egypt in which she met with Hany Dimian, the Egyptian Finance Minister.

She points out how the Egyptians have been successful in purging their government of the Muslim Brotherhood in spite of U.S. opposition and less favorable treatment under their current administration by the U.S. than what was provided to Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood regime.

The Minister describes the economic opportunity that is available to those who wish to take part in Egypt’s development. They are building a second Suez Canal and are inviting investment. He envisions an unrivaled distribution hub to Africa and Europe facilitated by a logistics area between the two canals.

With America or without, with Obama’s pro-Islamic Terror regime or without, Egypt knows who they are and what their future is.

The Judge points out that “Egypt is aligned with many of our allies and we have to start recognizing that.”

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