[Watch] Judge Jeanine, Col David Hunt – We’ve Already Declared War, We’re Back in Iraq


Judge Jeanine reprises her comments of yesterday regarding Obama’s weak, wimpy and pathetic “leadership,” as accentuated by his rushing back to the golf course immediately after delivering his speech on the murder of James Foley.

The open is good, and well worth watching for those who missed it. Her interview with Col David Hunt is very informative, with his thirty years of military experience providing excellent insight into what’s taking place in the Middle East. It begins at the 7:45 point of the video.

Col Hunt says that the problem with this “commander-in-chief,” aside from the bad optics and the impression of non-stop golfing, is that there is “no strategy associated with what is going on.”

He continues, “I mean, we’ve got a very real threat with ISIS, and all we’re doing is bombing locally to help the Kurds, and we’ve got almost a thousand Special Forces on the ground. So we’re slipping into another war with Iraq, without actually getting at it.”

Judge Pirro raises the Ben Rhodes comments that national boundaries won’t define where we go, which she reads as a suggestion of a possible intent to go into Syria.

Illustrating the complicated nature of this new war, Col Hunt agrees, saying, “As we do that we are about to support Assad, who is being supported by the Russians and the Iranians.” He adds, “And if we go into Iraq deeper, we are also going to be in the middle of Russia and Iran who are on the ground in Iraq. Very complicated, very necessary. ISIS are bad people; no issue bombing them. The problem is we need to go into this with our eyes open, this will not be easy.”

Col Hunt responds to a question from Judge Pirro as to when Obama will start to have a strategy, saying that, “What he heard him saying in the speech was the preparations for war.” He also believes that is what Dempsey and Hagel were talking about and believes they are waiting for Congress to come back.

He reminds Judge Pirro that we are bombing 20 times a day, that we have a thousand Special Forces guys, combat soldiers on the ground, and the carrier battle task force in the Gulf. Hunt says, “So we’re in the middle of a war.”

Asked about the issue of waiting for Congress, Hunt says, “We are doing it now.” The issue now is how much deeper do we want to get into it and do we actually want to get into Syria or actually put a large amount of forces on the ground. I think we’re down the slippery slope, I actually think we’ve actually declared war.”

Col Hunt closes saying, “ISIS is virulent and awful, my issue is we look at this clear-eyed, this will not be simple and this is going back into Iraq with a lot of guys; and Syria.” He also points out that Russia is presently in control of and running part of the Iraq airport in Baghdad. He says that Russian planes have been coming in and out of there for a long time and they now have fighter and bombers involved in the middle of this as well.

He also believes a deal will be made for the next threatened American, Steven Sotloff, through Qatar.

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