[Watch] Judge Jeanine – Blood of Border Agent Javier Vega Jr On Hands of Obama and Congress, Shawn Moran Speaks For Agents


Shawn Moran speaks with Judge Jeanine on behalf of the National Border Patrol Council. He is the author of a tweet which placed the blood of slain Agent Vega’s on the hands of the White House and Congress.

He says we do not take border enforcement seriously in this country and until we do, incidents like this will occur. They discuss the revolving door aspect of illegals who are deported multiple times with no consequences for their repeated violations.

Moran says frankly, he doesn’t know why anyone would want to become a Border Patrol agent. He says they are taking a pay cut, they have inadequate manpower in the field, and they are working in handcuffs as far as being able to conduct their job of enforcement.

He said neither political party wants them to be effective. He says any type of enforcement measures that they take are subsequently curtailed by policy, with catering to special interests, including the Mexican president.

He says the problem is a history of backing down in the face of those special interests. He cites the use of the transportation system as just one example where they were successful to the point of having to stop due to complaints from lobbyist groups.

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