[Watch] John Bolton on Obama’s Disasters and What To Do In Iraq


Judge Jeanine interviews John Bolton on our situation in Iraq, which he sees as one which we don’t necessarily want to get involved in. He describes the al-Maliki government as essentially a subsidiary of the Iranian government who he feels are the greatest threat in the region.

Bolton describes different interworkings of different elements within the conflict, describing the situation on the ground as “very confused.”

Asked by Pirro if partitioning of the country is a viable solution, Bolton describes that as basically the direction the country is headed in now, reminding the judge that the Kurds have been largely autonomous for years.

As far as the way the Obama regime was surprised by the ISIS invasion, Bolton feels that would be a legitimate subject for Congressional investigation, as well as the two years it took to arrest Khattala.

Bolton describes “what Obama’s doing” as a travesty, saying “we are going to be much less safe all around the world as a consequence.”

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