[Watch] Israel is Being Beaten Up in the Politicians and Media, HAMAS Getting a Pass


In the wake of the killing of two Americans serving in the IDF, Colonel Allen West responds to criticism of Israel and support of Hamas among various groups around the globe, including a clip from Bill Clinton.

He says simply that “they’ve got it wrong,” and they are attempting to undermine Israel’s credibility. He quotes Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu who said, “Israel is using its missiles to protect its people, but Hamas is using its people to protect its missiles.”

West says that “When the Israelis dragged their citizens out of Gaza and turned it over to the ‘Palestinians,’ they sought peace. And what they have got in return is incessant rocket fire. They have these tunnels that we believe up to thirty-six tunnels have been identified and this has to stop. We would not tolerate that in the United States of America.”

In response to a question as to why the Arab states have not expressed more public support for the terror group Hamas, West says that Egypt is an example of an Arab nation which recognizes and must deal with terror and that they would be willing to ally themselves with the United States and possibly Israel were it not for the White House. Our “leadership” supported the terrorist government in Egypt but has since cut off aid with the ouster of their Muslim Brotherhood government.

As to John Kerry’s trip to try to broker a deal and cut off the legs of the Israelis in their retaliation against the terrorists of Hamas, West does express concern. He reminds the viewers that the charter and the whole reason for the existence of Hamas is the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people.

He says a ceasefire just means we have to come back in six months and do it all over again. He believes that “We need to crush Hamas and we need to support Israel.”

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