[Watch] “ISIS Terrorist” Crosses Lake Erie Into The US. Guess What The Border Patrol Did

Last month, when Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe and his crew shocked the world by dressing up an actor as Osama bin Laden and having him just walk across the Rio Grande and right into Texas without being stopped, they made headlines.  Little known to us, thanks to a media looking for shiny red balls to report on rather than real news, ISIS took notice and highlighted the Achilles Heel in the nation’s southern border in a newsletter type report to their members.

Well, it seems that we not only have a sieve in the south, but a soft head in the north.  Once again, Project Veritas dressed up an “ISIS terrorist” and tried to enter the country.  This time via small boat across one of the Great Lakes into Cleveland.


Make all the jokes about Cleveland being the mistake on the lake, but consider that not only did the Project Veritas people cross Lake Erie INTO Canada without encountering Border Patrol or Coast Guard, they, and another boat, made it back across and into the country in the same manner.

What is beyond shocking when it comes to these lake crossings is that reporting whether or not one is entering or leaving the country in this manner to federal immigration officials is VOLUNTARY – and not even at the point of entry.  There’s no customs agents at the pier asking for identification or a passport, let alone able to check against any kind of watch list.  Great to know for people on the lam, but not too comforting for the rest of us.  This time, the intruder was an actor with fake bags of Ebola or Anthrax.  What about rocket launchers or fully automatic rifles, legal or not.  Terrorists don’t care about that.  And they certainly do not care about observing any sort of honor system when it comes to reporting their presence in a country where they are determined to wreak havoc.

This is not a new problem.  Consider how booze was smuggled into the United States during Prohibition and how the drug pipeline from Mexico is carrying tons of heroin into inner cities over a thousand miles from the source.  Our open borders invite this kind of behavior from mercenary type criminals.   So long as there is no concerted effort to tighten border security, we are sitting ducks for this sort of invasion.



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