[Watch] ISIS Homegrown American Terrorist Identified – A Massachusetts Liberal


A graduate of Northeastern University, in the liberal Petri dish of Boston, MA, has been identified as the person who heads up the ISIS social media and propaganda front. Ahmad Abousamra is a Syrian national who graduated with a computer science degree in 2006.

He is believed to be in Syria, living with his wife and daughter, intent on killing Americans and, as usual, is preoccupied with his own death and killing others.

Terror expert Seth Jones points out that Abousamra is fluent in both English and Arabic, so he is able to quite effectively communicate the terror message.

Jones also points to the competition that is ongoing between al-Qaeda and ISIS for the top terrorist position, that competition exists, not only in recruiting, but in their zeal to strike American targets as well.

Kelly then plays a clip of George W. Bush describing what would happen if America pulled out of Iraq too soon. He was chillingly accurate; every potential negative eventually he listed in that statement has now come to fruition as a result of the weak and misguided policies of Hussein Obama.

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