[Watch] IRS Investigation Based Upon a Supposition of Honor Which May Not Exist, Exploring Every Option


Catherine Engelbrecht of “True the Vote” is interviewed regarding the Congressional hearings and the ongoing investigation into criminal wrongdoing at the IRS. They discuss the apparent obstruction by the Justice Department as it pertains to their stalled criminal inquiry or discovery or pursuit of evidence of wrong doing which took place.

Her organization is working with the FBI to provide as much information as possible to assist in their investigation. Many believe the supposed investigation by the Justice Department is a sham, and that it is being conducted in such a manner as to minimize their findings and the subsequent damage to individuals involved.

Engelbrecht says that she hopes “we are going to get to the truth, but all of this, this whole process is based upon the supposition of honor, and that everybody really does want to find out what really happened. And to the degree that that’s not true, then it’s going to continue to be the stonewall that you see playing out right now.”

Asked about the other 160 groups who were also targeted by the IRS, Engelbrecht says that she is hopeful that all will be asked to speak, that they all have a story worth telling.

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