[Watch] Irresponsible Media – Creating Lynch Mob Mentality, Al Sharpton Fomenting Racial Unrest


It seems obvious that you wouldn’t want to endanger the lives of Policeman Darren Wilson and his family by reporting their address in the midst of race riots. Both CNN and the local NBC affiliate, KSDK, broadcast Officer Darren Wilson’s name and shot live reports from his home, basically saying to the mobs, “if you want revenge, here’s where to find him.”

The New Black Panthers are in Ferguson, leading chants inciting “death to Darren Wilson.” The “president” and Attorney General of the United States are turning it into a national political issue and these news outlets want so badly to be the ones getting that aspect of the story that they don’t stop to think of the potential damage they are doing.  Then again, they might have determined that the report was worth the risk, which makes it even more irresponsible.

It’s clear that some of those assets originally directed at controlling the looters and rioters now should be directed towards protecting the lives and property of Officer Wilson and his family.

Megyn Kelly interviews Howard Kurtz on the topic, who characterizes the actions as an “absolutely serious blunder.”

Kurtz and Kelly also discuss the antics of Al Sharpton and the inappropriate conflict of interest as an anchor of a program which is reporting on his own activism. They don’t mention the White House connection, that Sharpton is an historic mouthpiece acting on behalf of the Obama regime and how that plays into all of this. He always speaks in the interest of Obama and the Democrats, and he’s stirring this hot racial pot vigorously.

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