WATCH: Illegal Alien “Smiled When He Shot Me”


Just weeks ago, a man and woman shot and killed two police officers, injuring a third as well as an innocent bystander. It was later found that the couple were illegal immigrants and the man had been deported twice before. (Read the full story here)

Anthony Holmes, the bystander who was shot when he refused to give the illegals his car keys to escape, sat down for an exclusive interview with Sacramento’s NBC News affiliate KCRA. He has been released from the hospital but is still recovering from injuries sustained when he was shot at point-blank range.

“When he shot me he was smiling. When he shot me, you seen a crazy look. He liked what he was doing…to me.”

Holmes says the illegal tried to shoot him in the head but he was able to maneuver out of the way, using his hands to block the gun shots. “That’s what saved me, my hands. If I hadn’t done that, I would have been. Then my kids wouldn’t have no dad.”

Holmes has wires in his jaw and both hands are still in casts with limited mobility. He was released from the hospital Monday after extensive surgery. His family has set up a fundraising account to help pay the cost of the procedures on GiveForward.

Watch the video here: