[Watch] Hypocrite Harry Reid Wants To Throw Money at VA Problem and Blame Republicans


To hear Harry Reid tell it, the problem with the VA is a lack of spending and conversely, indiscriminate spending is also a cure-all.

General Shinseki, with B. Hussein Obama in tow, touted their increased VA spending during their tenure, with no other Cabinet agency having had a larger increase by percentage than the VA. That amount included generous bonuses for same the management which created and covered up the deadly situation veterans now find themselves in as VA patients. If just throwing money at the problem were the cure, there wouldn’t be a problem.

Reid also uses one of the other meaningless metrics Democrats favor, the amount of time spent on something to illustrate their dedication to the plight of veterans. In their socialist utopia, all time is equal, time wasted garners equal position to productive time well-spent.

He talks of the communist Senator Bernie Sanders spending over a month trying to get the Republicans “to agree to something,” as if that is supposed to somehow be an indicator of hard work or beneficial endeavor. It isn’t; one can easily spend a lot of time being destructive or deceptive, as many Democrats are personally aware.

Being able to go home and say that they threw money at the problem is, for Harry and his cohorts, the same as fixing the problem. Being able to accuse Republicans of being obstructionists is just as good.

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