[Watch] Hunt and Shaffer Offer Their Recommendations for American Action in Iraq


Bill O’Reilly accurately describes Iraq’s government as a corrupt mess, and points out that there is no reason for us to be defending the Baghdad government. He defines that as a separate issue from defending ourselves.

He plays a clip in which a military spokesperson acknowledges that the American air strikes to date have disrupted ISIS encroachment on Irbil, but will have no long-term strategic impact.

Lt. Col Tony Shaffer agrees that there is a temporary, local benefit, only. He says we should be talking about victory and defeat and the way you do that is with overwhelming force. He thinks the Kurds are up to the job of being the boots on the ground in this conflict in conjunction with air power provided by the United States.

Col David Hunt has a different take on things in that he doesn’t believe that bombing works, reminding the audience that we’ve been bombing Iraq for twenty-five years under four different presidents and in his opinion it hasn’t worked. He says we should be using cruise missiles and drones, as well as humanitarian relief.

He also agrees that the Peshmerga are a very capable fighting force and that a partnership of the type that Col Shaffer suggested makes sense.

Many military experts have offered a similar view on the best way to pursue a solution to this crisis in Iraq. We can only hope that our some sane minds in the White House are watching and listening as well.

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