[Watch] Humpty Duh-mpty – Obama Can’t Miss Fundraisers to Go To Wide Open Border


“We have to do right by the children” says Jeh Johnson, DHS Secretary and open border facilitator. That’s his number one priority.

Let that sink in. We’ve got a director of Homeland Security, an agency that was created for the specific purpose of securing our nation, who says with his mouth and his actions that national security is no longer “Job One.”

Operating the United States as a child social welfare relief organization is now the number one priority. It is inconsequential to him or the regime that while he’s busy deliberately poking holes in our security, converting our border agents into day care workers, persons of every description are coming across and blending in with our population.

Johnson proved when he first took the DHS position that he is deceitful and a parser of words, this is nothing new. He says “at the end of the day, in the final analysis, our border is not open to illegal migration.” Of course it is, it couldn’t get any more wide open.

He’s lying to the American people who think that because he has on a suit and represents “the government” what he is saying must be true. It’s not; more than any other administration in history we have certainly learned that the Obama regime is out for themselves and cannot be trusted.

He says, “We will stem the tide.” Of course, it’s going to take a long time, but once the populations of four or five Central American countries have been relocated, he’ll get around to it.

Asked if Obama is going to the border when he goes for his Texas fundraisers, Johnson dances around the subject. What he would say if he were to speak honestly is, “He’s got fundraisers, David, nothing is more urgent or important than influence peddling. Obama is following the developments at the border. He knows exactly what’s going on, we laid these plans out long ago.”

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