[Watch] How Much Damage Is Obama Doing To The Democratic Brand?

When you’ve got the MSNBC morning crew saying you can do “Jimmy Carter like damage to the brand,” it’s probably already a done deal.

In politics, just as is the same in any public opinion driven endeavor, image is everything.  Everyday, non-elite Americans expect that our foreign policy be strong, the reflection of walking softly and carrying a big stick.  Our leadership may not always walk the walk, but they at least have to talk the talk.

Barack Obama does neither, and to the American people, that is a problem, especially when videos of our fellow Americans being killed overseas surface and nothing concrete is said or done by the president.  This goes against the cultural grain.  As Chuck Todd lays it on the line in the video above, when it comes to this issue, even the most dovish of Democrats are distancing themselves from Obama.  Even they know this is not the time to lay down arms and just surrender to terrorists.  The conversation is couched in terms of this evening’s national address and being strong leading from behind, but one speech barely twelve hours before the dawn of this year’s September 11, will not do squat against an enemy determined to do us harm.  The American people are already way ahead of Obama on destroying bloodthirsty terrorists.

What damage is Obama doing to the Democratic brand?  Enough that the public opinion polls which skew left are showing negative results for the White House.  The real numbers are probably a lot worse.

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