[Watch] Head of Bin Laden Unit – ISIS and Open Border Will Mean Dead Americans


Michael Scheuer, the former head of the CIA’s Bin Laden Unit, is asked his views on the release of secret information regarding the failed attempts to rescue James Foley and the possible rationale behind it.

He said it’s a silly attempt but can’t figure out an attempt to do what, listing several reasons why it is ill advised to do what the Obama regime has done.

He says “You don’t want to advertise a defeat, I think, and clearly we were defeated in our attempt to get them.” Scheuer says you also don’t want to put them on the alert, telling them that we know where they’re holding their prisoners or at least that we think we know.

Scheuer also point out that by making the announcement and giving the impression that we are still looking, we may have accelerated the timetable. The ISIS terrorists may move up the murders of the other two captive Americans.

Scheuer characterized the disclosure as “a juvenile thing to do.”

In response to Obama’s portrayal in a statement that ISIS is a cancer, Scheuer says that Obama is where he has been since he became “president,” that “he is absolutely clueless as to what this enemy is up to and what it’s about.”

He says it’s not a cancer, it’s a worldwide insurgency that we have encouraged consistently by refusing to kill them and through Obama’s “Arab Spring.”

Scheuer says the most important thing we can do right now is to close our borders, particularly the southern border but parts of the Canadian border as well.

Mr. Scheuer points out that right now, we are exposed not only internationally but within the continental United States as well. Our enemy, he says, “won’t be marching in in combat order.” They will be an insurgency that will infiltrate.

Scheuer says it’s a simple conclusion of logic; close the border, protect America. But we don’t have politicians who give a darn about protecting America. They’re more concerned with not being called anti-Hispanic or anti-human rights. He says Americans will die as a result.


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