[Watch] Harry Reid Preps Public – New Twist on Amnesty, Open Borders Key, Any Hispanic Country Will Do


Harry Reid says “We have to pass emergency supplemental.” He needs more money, in order to deal with Obama’s creation, “the crisis at the border.”

Of course, they wouldn’t need this $4 billion that Reid is asking for if the regime had done their job and enforced immigration law. This crisis would have never developed. That wasn’t the Democrat plan, though. Four billion dollars worth of illegal aliens coming right up, Mr. Reid; would you like something to drink?

Once it became clear that their “comprehensive first choice amnesty” was dead in the water, it was on to plan B. We are seeing that, from their point of view, plan B is a very effective one indeed.

Reid responds to a question as to whether or not the Senate should try to attach a “dream act” of some type onto the legislation, to which he replies that he would prefer to stick to the issues at hand. We’ll see how long he maintains that posture.

He may have other ideas, something else he’s got his sights set on or a different way to sneak something past the unsuspecting citizens. We can be sure strings of some sort will be attached.

One thing is for sure, a Harry Reid who represents his actions as in the best interest of the people and unmotivated by political gamesmanship is a Harry Reid that needs to be watched.

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