[Watch] Harry Reid Admits 2008 Sex Trafficking Law Could Be Enforced Differently, Political Motivations


Harry Reid makes two revealing statements in his comments regarding the border situation. The first is that he won’t support the Cornyn-Cuellar bill because it is too broad. By broad, Reid means that it addresses the root-cause of the problem, the open border, with enforcement and deportation for illegals apprehended violating our borders.

Reid wants a narrowly-defined bill, which simply funds the importation part of the process and does not provide a remedy to the reason the people are here in our detention centers to begin with.

It is clear that the Democrats are not interested in border security and that they are using the open borders to do just exactly what they have been accused of doing, importing voters.

The second and more stunning admission by Reid is that there is no modification to the existing sex-trafficking law needed in order to apply it differently, to not be overwhelming our nation with illegals.

A reporter asks him if he thinks at some point they will need to do something to change the law to make it easier to send the illegals back. He says, at the: 42 point, “My personal belief there is that the law that has created so much controversy now, there is enough, uh, there is leeway there, that uh, the executive branch of government doesn’t need new legislation.”

He admits that the law is only being applied in the manner that it is because the regime is choosing to do so.

Two statements by Harry Reid from the same briefing prove the obvious; they are manipulating people and the situation for political gain. The $3.7 billion expenditure could be avoided completely, with the exception of airfare or busfare, if the Democrats and the Obama regime merely chose to interpret the law as it was understood by the legislators who approved it.

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