[Watch] Hackers Poked And Hacked The Cloud Until They Found Nude Celebrity Photos


How did hackers manage to get into the iCloud accounts of multiple Hollywood starlets, stealing nude photos and causing a commotion online?  According to Apple, host of the iCloud service, they went through individual accounts and tried passwords until one worked:

According to the Daily Mail, over one hundred iCloud accounts were hacked.  Early speculation points to a flaw in the “Find My Phone” app and the “Forgot My Password” feature of iCloud.  Somewhere there are backup files and the hackers found them.

Two morals to this story come to mind:

Make passwords personal, but complicated and don’t store nude photos of yourself in any cloud storage platform.

In the meantime, the Los Angeles branch of the FBI is investigating.  Let’s hope they have better luck getting to the bottom of this than the team that investigated Benghazi.




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