[Watch] Gun Grabbing CO Governor Tells Sheriffs He’s Sorry, Get Over It


Gun-grabbing Governor John Hickenlooper of Colorado is running for reelection and running for cover. He’s taking a page out of the “Everything Caught Me By Surprise” handbook of B. Hussein Obama while he’s doing it.

What many see as an arrogant, dictatorial manner in which gun legislation was rammed through is coming back to haunt him.

That legislation, which was opposed by a majority of Colorado sheriffs mandated enhanced universal background checks and restricted magazine sizes.

Its passage resulted in the relocation of gun-parts manufacturers to other states as well as the recall of two Democrat state senators and the resignation of a third. Those senators had, along with Hickenlooper, ignored the strong public sentiment against the measure.

Hickenlooper doesn’t want to add his name to the list of political casualties and is now attempting a little revisionist history. The public sentiment was intense against the legislation and his actions. With the memories still fresh in people’s minds, Hickenlooper has quite a battle on his hands. Many of the sheriffs sitting in his audience during the presentation on the video were among a delegation which attempted to gain the governor’s ear during the debate but were shunned.

The governor is clearly not being honest, he miscalculated and is now trying to recover. Nobody in his position could have not known the strength of the sentiment against his actions. He orchestrated an obamacare-style ramming of legislation down the public throat and it has similarly backfired. The voters of Colorado may very well hold him accountable.

One of those running to unseat Hickenlooper, Bob Beauprez, said, “Isn’t this so John Hickenlooper to try to ‘Aw shucks’ and slap his knee and good ol’ boy his way out of an awful situation?” He followed up on those comments saying, “This is what failed leadership looks like.”

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