[Watch] Gov Rick Perry – Obama Doesn’t Particularly Care if Border is Secure


She’s trying to change the subject away from the constitutional obligation of the executive branch to secure the border. The interviewer asks Governor Rick Perry if this 2008 law which requires DHS to turn the Central American border-crashers doesn’t mean that the United States is powerless to defend itself from an invasion.

Governor Perry tells her in no uncertain terms that the regime is responsible for the current situation and that the border must be secured. He says he doesn’t believe that Obama particularly cares whether the border of the United States is secure.

He says that is “the reason there has been this lack of effort, this lack of focus, this lack of resources.”

She counters that Obama is running ads in the countries of origin telling people not to come. He chuckles, saying “about five years too late.”

He points out that Obama has “sent powerful messages, time after time by his policies, by nuances, that it is okay to come to the United States and you can come across and you’ll be accepted in open arms. That is the real issue here.”


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