[Watch] Gov Perry Lawsuit DA – Roadside Sobriety Test, Resentful Rosemary is a Handfull


Asking “What is wrong with you people?” and “What, am I attacking you?” when told to sit down because she was getting too close, Rosemary Lehmberg behaves as if she feels she is above the law during her arrest and entitled to some “special considerations” based upon her position in the law enforcement community.

The officers conducted themselves in exemplary fashion with what they must have known was an arrestee looking for any basis upon which to retaliate. Since the officers didn’t provide one, she seems to have opted for the next best thing, a suit against the governor.

The arresting officers responded to a motorist tip of a Lexus driving in the bicycle lane, weaving dangerously. Lehmberg was located, having already stopped and parked her vehicle and given a field test, which she failed to complete. She was a difficult arrest, we can be sure, but one that was properly made and fully documented.

Lehmberg would have been wise to show a little contrition, even if it was contrived, as opposed to the “seeking to make political hay” route that they have embarked upon.

Her combative, beligerant behavior might be fine and dandy with her liberal comrades in the Austin political scene, but it isn’t going over so well now that she’s got a larger audience. Most Texans are respectful of others, and are willing to admit when they’ve made a mistake.

The evidence from her arrests is exposing the type of person this liberal DA is and it is not at all pretty.

The first video is a broadcast report by local television station KXAN shortly following her arrest in April of 2013. The next video shows her abusive conduct in the jail cell during her arrest and detention. The third video is a dashcam of her arrest.

As much as Lehmberg and her cohorts might want to paint the Perry lawsuit as non-political, the arrest video shows the arrest to be proper, and the governor acted within his rights when she refused to step down. As for her conduct, the videos speak for themselves.

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