[Watch] Gov Perry Attorney – “Nasty Attack” Lawsuit An Attempt To Criminalize Politics


The anti-conservative liberal power base in Austin, TX, has gone after Rick Perry to exact their collective and personal vengeance, as well as attempting to constrain his efforts to defeat their open border agenda. In the process they had hoped to tarnish his name and diminish him as a political force in their state.

What they are doing is having the opposite effect. They are giving Governor Perry the kind of free political advertising that he could never afford on his own and providing a national stage upon which he is seen as a tough, scrappy constitutionalist who doesn’t back down to tyranny.

He is, in effect, able to portray himself as the anti-Obama in the months leading up to the 2016 election.

His attorneys held a briefing on Monday in which one of them, Tony Buzbee, labeled the charges a “really nasty attack,” on the rule of law, the constitutions of the U.S. and Texas, as well as the constitutional rights that all Americans are guaranteed.

He reminds the audience that even while a sitting governor, Perry still has a right to free speech protections. He was exercising his authority and duty as governor to veto legislation that he found inappropriate, also a right under the provisions of the Texas Constitution.

Another Perry attorney, Bobby Burchfield agreed, and went on to say that, “It is inappropriate and dangerous, dangerous to the concept of self government for a decision of this nature, taken in the full light of day, with no suggestion of personal gain, to be the subject of a criminal prosecution.” He adds, “This is an attempt to criminalize politics, pure and simple. It should not and it will not succeed.”

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