[Watch] GOP Establishment Buying Black Votes in MS, Former Governor Implicated



Fox Host Ainsley Earhardt reports on the long list of election irregularities cited in a lawsuit just filed against the Senatorial campaign of Thad Cochran by his Tea Party challenger, Chris McDaniel.

The complaint includes illegal voting, as well as a wide range of false allegations against McDaniel which included being associated with the KKK,  and the risk that he would take from voters federal food stamps, student loans and public schools.

There’s also the little problem of a very credible black pastor named Steve Fielder who has come forward and provided evidence of vote buying. The reported price was fifteen dollars per vote, not a small sum in Mississippi, one of the poorer states in the union.

True the Vote is now looking into reported double voting by people who had voted in the Democrat primary three weeks earlier, which is illegal in Mississippi and which appears to have played a major role in the presumed Cochran victory.


Earhardt also brings out some of the anti-McDaniel ads which were funded by former Governor Haley Barbour, which are targeted at black voters, urging them to vote against the Tea Party attempts to take away their social programs.

McDaniel issued a statement which indicated they have uncovered widespread fraud and that a legal challenge to the results will not only be forthcoming, but will likely prove wrongdoing, possibly criminal.

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