[Watch] General Keane – Frustrated U.S. Troops Given Defensive Missions Without a Goal


General Jack Keane speaks to the issue of morale among the Special Forces deployed in Iraq, with Megyn Kelly opening the discussion with a quote from a Special Forces service member who is currently serving in Iraq.

He sent a message to Fox, describing the situation and the sentiments of the troops he’s deployed with. He said, “Frustration and confusion rein right now.” The commander in chief has deployed them back into harm’s way with a defensive mission to only defend U.S. facilities against ISIS.” He says, “That’s not a U.S. problem to solve and the Iraqis must get their act together politically.

General Jack Keane says that the fact that our troops have been given a defensive mission, without a goal, is non-motivational by nature. The natural result is for troops to eventually start to say, “well what am I doing here?”

He reminds the audience that American troops are not robotic, that they will certainly speak their mind. He says it has nothing to do with disloyalty, that is just how Americans are. Americans speak and think.

Kelly says that it appears that the troops don’t buy the Biden “follow them to the gates of Hell” proclamation, that they see our lack of leadership as indicating we aren’t going to be doing much. The quote she reads regarding the Biden rant is spot on, asking, “How are we going to chase them to the gates of Hell when we can’t even leave the front gate of our base?”

Keane says, absolutely, they’re seeing the pattern, and then gives a brief summary of what he sees as recent leadership failures on the part of Obama as they relate to our Middle East military engagements.

Keanes says of our troops, “They know that no action has had consequences and those consequences are adverse and now we’re staring right in the face of those consequences and it’s ISIS and its threat, it’s attacking our vital interests in the Middle East and certainly it’s going to be a threat to the United States, unequivocally so.

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