[Watch] Gen McCaffrey – Obama’s Muddled Thinking, Political Use of Military in Insignificant Strikes


MSNBC’s Chuck Todd references a Ben Rhodes declaration that the purpose of the limited mission in Iraq is to provide the Kurds with the space needed to evacuate those under siege on Mount Sinjar.

His guest, retired Four-Star General Barry McCaffrey, says he’s a “little dismayed at what we’re up to” in the strikes and associated aid operation. He describes the Obama actions as “political gestures using military power.” He goes on to say that it looks to him “as if a lot of this is internal U.S. politics to show we’re doing something.”

McCaffrey says, “If you are going to use military power, you have to write down your objective and then use decisive force to achieve your objective.”

He says, “The bottom line to me is, the Kurds deserve our support. For the last year we should have been equipping them and supporting them. And we didn’t because we’ve been concerned about maintaining a centralized Iraqi state, with Maliki who acted as a Shiite despot. I think we have muddled thinking on what we’re trying to achieve in Iraq.”

He also had harsh words for what he calls “two FA-18 strikes on an artillery unit somewhere in the vicinity,” a further indication that politicians, not military planners, were behind the American actions.

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