[Watch] Gen Keane – Obama’s No Strategy Admission a “Stunning Embarrassment”


General Jack Keane, Chairman of the Institute For The Study of War, gives his views on the recent admission by Hussein Obama that we still have no strategy on ISIS.

Keane says of the Obama announcement, “Well, it’s an extraordinary and stunning admission coming from the leader of the world’s most powerful nation and as such, Megyn, it’s embarrassing also.”

Keane continues, saying, “As you pointed out in the introduction, we know a lot about ISIS, they reemerged in 2009 and 2010 in earnest in Iraq, they moved into Syria in a comprehensive way in 2011. They’ve been there for three years taking control of territory. They were a growing menace every single month, increasing in territorial control and imposing their harsh governance. Our intel agencies have been watching them all this time.”

Keane goes on to say that, “At the Institute For The Study of War we’ve tracked them on a daily basis; we’ve shared information with intelligence agencies, with the Department of State, the Department of Defense. He says, “Everybody in our government in the national security business knows this organization and what a significant threat it is to the Middle East, which is attacking our vital interests and also to our country. We need a comprehensive strategy and I fear, I fear that we may not get one.”

Regarding other portions of Obama’s statement, the General says he agrees with much of it, that we do need to lead a coalition, particularly from the region but also with other allies and it has to transcend political, diplomatic, economic and military. He says, “You do have to go out there and attack them, you have to destroy what they have and you have to wind up killing and capturing a lot of them. We’ve done this before but the fact of the matter is we have to assist our allies there.”

The General takes the position that the Free Syrian Army is an ally that should be robustly armed and trained. He contends we should be arming the Kurdish Peshmerga, the Sunni Tribal leaders and the Shiia.

He is convinced we will ultimately lead air strikes along with coalition partners and that they will be effective but there is the unknown as to the effectiveness of the ground forces of others with whom we will be acting in concert. We also don’t know how long it is going to take.

Kelly asks why Obama would say he has no strategy given the fact that General Dempsey and others clearly are aware of much of what Keane has laid out. Keane says that he believes it is because he hasn’t yet made a decision as to a course of action. Keane says he knows for a fact that there is military campaign strategy that has been developed by the Pentagon Central Command Headquarters.

Keane says that inside the national security apparatus there is a lot of thinking going on. He doesn’t believe that Obama has gotten as involved as they are and he hasn’t made a decision, which is the basis for his embarrassing lack of a strategy.

Kelly says she’s sure that he’ll be mulling it over at the Friday fundraiser.

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