[Watch] Gen Jack Keane – Purely Political Release of Hostage Rescue Info to Help Obama Image


It’s Seal Team Six all over again. For a “president” who hides in a golf cart rather than face the prospect of making tough decisions, this is one executive decision that was easy to make.

In order to try to shape a favorable public opinion of his performance and his testosterone levels, Obama is releasing details of operations that should have remained secret. It could and probably will have negative, perhaps life threatening repercussions, but the trade off is worth it. Obama’s fabricated image and ego are at stake.

General Jack Keane says that there is really no reason to disclose any of the details of the attempted rescue operations, aside from possibly a private conversation with some of the Foley family members.

In addition to the wealth of information revealed by the White House, there is a concern, according to the General, that reporters will pursue the avenues that have been exposed, and the subsequent revelations could be damaging and dangerous.

Kelly reads of a concern voiced by military personnel that the release of this information will impede future operations.

Keane says there are three things our operatives need, accurate intel, the element of surprise, and their personal traits, their skill, daring and courage.

General Keane feels the reason for the release was to try to take some credit for something they tried, and he feels that isn’t enough reason for this kind of a disclosure.

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