[Watch] Former Obama Defense Secretaries Slam His Policies

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wu0odHmRnQM&w=560&h=315]

Now that the weakness in the Obama facade are really beginning to show, the people who tried to keep the ship we call America on the right path, or at least not capsize it completely, are not holding much back when it comes to the obstacles they encountered while trying to do their jobs.

Robert Gates was driven crazy by the micromanagement and the way the White House tried to control every aspect of the military.

Leon Panetta may be a Democrat and sometimes a thorn in the side of Republicans, but he is exactly right when he says, “You never tell your enemy what the hell you are going to do.”

Gates is correct when he said, “When the President of the United States makes a threat, the credibility of this entire country is on the line,” Gates said.  And our credibility has suffered because there has been no follow through on the threats.

Panetta describes a culture of “yes men” where only one way of thinking is allowed.  That does not make for good decision making.

Thanks to these gentlemen for at least verbalizing their frustrations in trying to faithfully execute their duties.  We all may disagree with them, but they were not in the business of putting our troops or the country in unnecessary danger.

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