[Watch] Former CIA Director Gen Michael Hayden on Multiple Crises and AWOL Obama


Megyn Kelly names off just some of the crises going on around the world in the wake of our weak to non-existent foreign policy. She shows new video reportedly of Russians firing rockets into Ukraine, actual Russian military, not Ukrainian separatists. Those attacks have occurred over the last few days, probably during multiple Obama fund-raisers. It’s no big deal, he has his phone.

There are the other multiple crises and scandals that also are festering and expanding under a chief executive in full time panhandling mode. One such revelation came just yesterday when Congressional hearings uncovered multiple requests by the Iraqi government for drone strikes against ISIS were denied by the White House occupier. Those requests were for strikes against the same forces they later claimed to have been surprised by.

Kelly then shows video of ISIS destroying the Tomb of Jonah, a place of religious significance not only for Christians but Muslims as well. She recognizes it as part of a reign of terror and ethnic cleansing by ISIS against Iraqi Christians.

Obama only managed one cancellation, his Jimmy Kimmel appearance, leaving his packed fund-raising calendar intact. Evidently ignoring the world falling in around you is okay, joking about it is going a little bit too far.

Her guest is former CIA Director Michael Hayden, who has recently been critical of the regime and their mishandling of virtually everything they touch. He says “it is unarguable that the Russian Federation has decided to use its armed forces to overturn the post-cold war security architecture in Europe. That’s a big deal,” says Hayden.

Hayden says that things have escalated to the point that “it’s not just about the Ukraine now; it’s about what Europe’s going to look like for the next era.” He adds, “We have got to in a variety of ways, without being belligerent, without wanting war, we have got to make this more costly to Putin and the Russian Federation.”

They cover what Hayden terms as incredibly unwise decisions in Iraq and the SOFA agreement which was never obtained.

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