[Watch] Former Acting CIA Director Morell – ISIS Most Complicated Terrorism Problem


In an appearance Sunday on “Face the Nation,” former Deputy CIA Director, Mike Morell, described confronting ISIS as “the most complex terrorism problem” that he has ever seen, adding, “There are no magic bullets, this is going to take a long time to get under control.”

He says, “There are two things we have to do. We have to take away their safe haven, their territory. That requires a political solution in Iraq, which is going to require us to continue to press the Iraqis to do the right thing, our Gulf Arab allies to press the Iraqis to do the right thing, the Iranians to press the Iraqis to do the right thing. And then we need to get a solution in Syria to take that territory away.”

Morell says “The other thing we need to do is take the leadership off the battlefield. We have to identify them through intelligence and then we capture or kill them, we have to remove them from the battlefield.”

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