[Watch] Forgotten Bergdahl Yet? Judge Napolitano Says White House Is Counting On It


It’s been three and a half months since the wandering Bowe Bergdahl was traded for five top Taliban terrorists in what is one of the many questionable acts by a “president” who abuses his power with regularity.

The questions are still being asked as to why this shady deal went down the way it did and the failure to provide answers is seen by many as further proof of a White House whitewash.

Judge Andrew Napolitano describes the Bergdahl case as a problem the White House would like us to forget about, citing Obama’s personal involvement in it as the primary reason. He bases that assessment in part on “a lot of unusual things,” which he lists.

Judge Napolitano says that “Ordinarily when one is charged with a crime which could bring the death penalty, desertion where someone dies as a result of the desertion,” noting least two soldiers died while looking for Bergdahl, “that person has been charged, arrested, confined, sometimes given bail sometimes not given bail. Bergdahl hasn’t even been charged, that’s unusual.”

The Judge also points out that “Ordinarily, when a person is being charged with a crime in the military, a team of investigators led by a lieutenant or a major does the investigation. In this case it’s being led by a general; unheard of, the generals have more important things to do.”

He notes a “Third interesting and unique thing here. Ordinarily the crime of desertion does not involve the ‘president’ of the United States. But the manner in which he came back here, which is not his fault, of course, clearly involves the ‘president’ of the United States. Did the ‘president’ provide material assistance to a terrorist organization by releasing five of their leaders in order to get Sgt Bergdahl back? He does not want that to be aired at a criminal trial.”

Brian Kilmeade raises the issue of the stark difference in the manner in which communications were facilitated by the Obama regime for the Bergdahl family with the Taliban, while threats of criminal prosecution for efforts to pay a ransom were made against the Foley and Sotloff families by the U.S. State Department. There is clearly a double standard and the reasons for that have not been clarified.

Everything that happens within the Obama regime is political and aimed at either promoting their agenda or protecting those who do the promoting. In this instance, the release of the Taliban seems to have clearly been conducted in order to promote the Obama regime’s pro-radical Islamic agenda. The delay of prosecution of those responsible and on the periphery is an apparent act of protection of the mechanism and the perpetrators.

Bergdahl was the premise under which Obama was able to provide himself with cover for engaging in an act which benefited the enemies of our nation. A trial and the associated negative publicity is clearly something the White House seeks to avoid. The foot-dragging by the military justice system is evidence of that.

Whether it be the abuse of power through the manipulation of a military proceeding, the Holder DOJ, executive action, claimed executive privilege, or targeting by supposed neutral government agencies such as the EPA or IRS, there is no hesitation on the part of the Obama regime to exert their influence to achieve a political objective. It is standard operating procedure.

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