[Watch] First Amendment Assaulted – Eric Holder Sics DOJ Goons on “Racist” Obama Outhouse Float


The whole Democrat Party machinery, both at a local as well as a national level, including Eric Holder, are jumping at the opportunity to help Hussein Obama into his “Teflon Blackness.” Even though he’s only half black, he’s completely insulated from any attacks that can be even remotely warped into being racially motivated.

This woman in the interview, a Kenyan native, is unable to deal with the negative representation of her “president,” and indicates she and her daughter were somehow threatened by seeing the float. If she’s so fearful, and Nebraska is such an awful, racially hateful place, why isn’t she still in Kenya? Did she have the same mission as her dear leader, to come to America and correct us into socialism?

This woman may be drawing upon her Kenyan roots but whatever her motivation, she is entitled to her opinion. So is Dale Remmich, the man who made and entered the float.

He claims it isn’t Obama, but it looks like him and it should be him. No matter what color, green, black, half black, brown, half white or white, whoever is destroying the country is the enemy of our nation. We have a duty and a right, given by God, not the government, to speak out about it.

Eric Holder is sending his federal goons, its “Community Relations Service Team” to Norfolk to investigate the supposed discrimination. They were in attendance at a meeting to discuss the issue, as were the NAACP, the mayor and the parade sponsor, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.

It’s difficult to imagine the type of legal contortion which might be required to twist this into some type of speech which is not protected, but if anyone can do it, Holder and Obama will.

The true motivation behind his interest seems more towards generating fear and intimidating those who are opposed to their socialist agenda. They seek to not only bully the town, but to set a precedent and send a message to all Americans that he is not above abusing his power to force us into silent submission. The message is clear. Oppose Obama and risk defending yourself against the federal government and charges of racism.


Being black should not be and is not a license to do as you please, just as being white is not. Racial preference regardless of whom it benefits is wrong and un-American.

The actions of the regime and this complainant indicate that among all the people of the world, the Kenyan skin is particularly thin.

Rick Wells is a conservative author who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit www.rickwells.us