[Watch] Finger-Pointing Obama – Utopia is Socialist America Without Evil Republicans


Obama always starts his weekly addresses with a casual, folksy, “Hi Everybody.” But is he really saying hi to everybody or just to his fellow socialists? This week, as he does every week, he goes immediately into a monologue of how great things are under his “leadership,” complete with skewed and misleading statistics for the uninformed.

He’s not my president and he isn’t talking to me. I only listen to the drivel to try to ascertain what he’s up to. The everybody he is addressing must be his robotic supporters who, in spite of a regular diet of bold-faced lies, largely still take him at his word.

He says the economy is clearly getting stronger and offers his usual recitation of misleading job creation numbers. The truth on the jobs front is that for the last fourteen years, as hard as it is to believe, every job created in America has gone to a legal or illegal immigrant. Native born Americans have seen their workplace participation trending downward.

As is his method, he parses words and allows people to believe his misdirection. He never stated that those American jobs were going to Americans. His Obots will think that is what they heard, and believe they must be the exception to the “great job” Dear Leader is doing.

He claims “What’s at stake right now” is “making sure that the economy works for every working American.” It obviously doesn’t work for the unemployed American but that intended misinterpretation is also part of the stage show.

The socialist usurper then goes on to once again tout his big government legislated “common sense ideas.” They have nothing to do with common sense but are more of a communal nature, as in the collective; they are his communal sense ideas.

Many of the things he claims to be attempting to promote would happen on their own in a vibrant free market, an Obama-free market, if he would just step aside. Narcissists don’t do that. He needs credit, or as most formerly-free Americans perceive it, blame and responsibility.

His laundry list of “things he’s making sure of” are socialist staples including his ambiguous “making sure that people who work hard can get ahead.” He plugs his stance for government-controlled fair pay and paid leave as well as his push to raise the minimum wage to make it easier for “working folks” to pay off their student loans.

One has to ask, if Obama’s economic performance is so great, how is it that college graduates are working minimum wage jobs or conversely, how pathetic is the quality of the education they are receiving that it doesn’t qualify them for anything better than minimum wage?

The great divider says that all of his socialist initiatives have two things in common. They’d make the working poor feel “stable and secure” i.e. better about their pathetic, Obama-induced stagnant economic opportunities, and they’ve all been blocked by the evil Republicans.

He again reminds us that it is the fault of Republicans who are blocking his socialist agenda that he’s forced to implement it dictatorially, “to help working families.” After all, that’s what Lenin did and things worked out great for the Russians, right?

Poor B. Hussein can’t believe that the evil Republicans actually got together this week and voted to sue him for violating the Constitution. And then they left town for a month and all of the unfinished business is their fault. Don’t look in Harry Reid’s drawer, and ignore the border mess.

Everybody (you know who you are), just ignore all of the previous lies and trust that this time he’s telling the truth. Patriotic, freedom-loving conservatives are bad, tyrannical socialists are good.

Imagine how much stronger our country would be, he says, if Congress would just do its job, if the slackers in the House would just start rubber stamping, along with his minions in the Senate, his socialist programs.

Or, on the other hand, we could imagine how much stronger our nation would be if we weren’t constantly battling the socialist Democrats who are intent on our destruction and could actually make use of our resources and national wealth without squandering it on unwarranted giveaways.

He closes with a guarantee that he’ll never stop making sure that folks like us succeed. It’s not likely he’s hinting at his resignation.

Rick Wells is a conservative author who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit www.rickwells.us