[Watch] Finally, John McCain Remembers Which Side of The Border He’s Supposed to Represent


Homeland Security Secretary Johnson is saying in effect, “Here, we’ve created this mess and we’re dumping it in your lap, America. Now you, the people and Congress must give us the money we demand to deal with it.”

There’s a word for the kind of criminality the regime is engaging in, it’s called extortion.

It would seem that John McCain has had enough of reaching across the aisle for the time being. He may have grown weary as well of his habitual reaching across the border, at least until things cool off.

He and his fellow “gang of eight” amnesty RINO, who also misrepresents the great state of Arizona, Senator Jeff Flake, are evidently feeling the heat from their constituents.

They are now calling for faster deportations and bribes to the offending nations in the form of increased U.S. aid as a precondition to the payola to Johnson and Obama. Only in government are you rewarded for criminal conduct, treason and incompetence.

Whether that government is a banana republic in Central America, or the equivalent in DC, the rules are the same. Create a crisis, and then extort the money to solve it.

John Boehner, the word you’re trying not to find, that you are glancing away from is impeachment. The time came long ago. Do your job.

Rick Wells is a conservative author who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. Please “Like” him on Facebook, “Follow” him on Twitter or visit www.rickwells.us