[Watch] Filmmaker DM Lynch – ISIS Has Crossed Border into U.S. – They’re Here


Documentary filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch is still sounding the alarm, still very much concerned over the lack of enforcement on the border and the implications for our nation.

Lynch says he feels terrible for anybody in law enforcement these days, particularly those who are trying to enforce our borders. He reminds us that they deal with the new reality under this regime from two perspectives, from the professional standpoint of being told to not do their jobs, but also as Americans who are witnessing the heartbreaking dissolution of our country firsthand.

He provides some footage of local border sheriffs describing the unbridled lawlessness and what appears to be deliberate aid to drug running cartels through a complete lack of government interdiction efforts. We have the equipment, we have the people, and we have the means. Those controlling our government simply do not have the will.

Lynch has a point he wants heard, that while all eyes are on Texas, with Border Patrol agents from other areas being relocated and converted into daycare workers along the Texas border, criminal illegals are taking advantage. He says he will guarantee, in fact, “He would bet his life on it,” that ISIS is already here in America.

He also shows video of two pregnant women in a hospital being checked in and given a care package and welcomed as mothers of new American citizen anchor babies, on the government dole for years to come.

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