[Watch] Feinstein Fumbling Back To Obama, ISIS Caught American Intelligence Unaware


Asked by Andrea Mitchell if Obama’s perpetual indecision projects weakness from the White House, Senator Dianne Feinstein, prefaces her response by saying “I know what you want me to say.” The insinuation that one of the most dependable Obama proponents, Andrea Mitchell, is someone laying a trap for him on one of his national networks is surprising.

Feinstein, Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence continues, saying “I’m not going to say it in that way.” Adding, “I’ve learned one thing about this ‘president,’ he’s very cautious; maybe in this instance, too cautious.”

She shifts the topic a little, saying, “I do know that the military, I know that the State Department, I know that others have been putting plans together. So hopefully those plans will coalesce into a strategy.” That is another admission, this time by a ranking Democrat, that at this time no strategy exists.

She then talks about a coalition and the need for those who are most directly threatened in the region to act on their own behalf by joining with the United States, parroting the White House narrative.

Feinstein makes the case for the strength and extreme threat level, equating her time in on the intelligence committee with expertise. She then says that ISIS crossed the border into Iraq before we even knew it happened.

That’s a serious admission by an intelligence chair, that this army of terrorists mobilized and engaged in a military invasion and we were caught completely off guard.

That’s not what the intelligence services and military experts are saying. Many of them make the case that we have been watching ISIS develop and were aware of their locations and actions on a daily basis. General Jack Keane made a statement to that effect just a few days ago in a televised interview.

She’s not only running interference for the White House, she’s making excuses for her own inaction as well. While Hussein Obama was golfing and vacationing, Dianne was napping. Nobody was making decisions.

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